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The steps below outline each of our unique on-boarding phases, from our initial conversation to account access. Our goal when on-boarding new clients is to be as clear and concise as possible. We want the process to be transparent and easy to understand.

1. Engage

  • Introductory conversation via phone and in-person.
  • Defining the expectations of the client-advisor relationship.
  • Introduction to our team and our process and philosophy.
  • Preliminary data collection: reviewing current investment statements getting a holistic view of current situation.
  • Define long term and short term goals.
  • Estimated time frame: 1-2 weeks.

2. Strategize

  • Analyzing and evaluating current financial status.
  • Presenting a customized investment analysis.
  • Define the scope of the relationship going forward, based upon findings during investment review.
  • Outline initial guidance specific to your personal situation regarding investments, financial planning, insurance, etc.
  • Estimated time frame: 1-2 weeks.

3. Implement

  • Taking action on recommendations, based on strategy session outcome.
  • Begin asset transition phase, if necessary.
  • DocuSign account opening documents.
  • Working with 3rd party transfer agents, ensuring accounts successfully transition in a timely manner.
  • Estimated time frame: 1-4 weeks.

4. Tech Connect

  • Introduction to your personal Wealth Management Website.
  • Introduction to your online interfaces and account access points via LPL's Account View.
  • Update account options and select statement preferences.
  • Estimated time frame: 1 meeting. 

5. Monitor and Review

Become a Client

Become a Client

Taking the first step is sometimes the hardest. We hope you will find our team of professionals can make your transition easy - starting with an honest and straight-forward conversation with your licensed advisor, leading to a streamlined on-boarding process, followed up by a long-lasting and authentic relationship. 

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