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Our primary focus and core philosophy is to always act in your best interests. We sincerely value your steadfast dedication and will continue to serve your financial interests. We deeply appreciate your relationship and are sincerely grateful for your patience over the next several months while we learn and grow together. 


Craig Johlfs & the Johlfs Financial Group Team


You’ll continue to receive the same financial guidance and communications from our team. As always, we’ll continue to assess your financial future based on any expected or unexpected changes in your circumstances or goals, as well as what’s happening in the markets and economy. Your best interests remain our top priority.

Office Locations

Greenwood Village, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Los Alamos, New Mexico

Indian Wells, California

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Your Team Members

Craig Johlfs, President & LPL Financial Planner

Cameron Fraker, Vice President & LPL Financial Advisor

Brittany Dean, Director of Operations

Sarah Wood, Executive Assistant

Diane Chan, Relationship Manager

Eileen Koenig, LPL Financial Advisor

Gary Foy, LPL Financial Advisor

Trevor Holen, LPL Financial Advisor

Lorraine Meredith, Advisor Assistant

Jessica Royce Kuroki, Client Relationship Manager

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Our Dedication

We are focused on finding efficiencies in your financial plan and provide options to help you to gain a more streamlined and fluid strategy.

We approach each situation with a genuine interest in helping while speaking a common language.

No matter what service you need, we always aim to be be agnostic in our recommendations and not tied to a particular product or brand.

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Account Numbers

Each account number is unique. After the transition your account number will change. Please note, the investments inside of your portfolio will not change. 

Billing Schedule

Advisory accounts at LPL bill quarterly in advance instead of the monthly billing our clients are used to at Waddell & Reed. 

To help illustrate the billing nuances from the client perspective, we are providing a visual with a simple illustration that outlines what clients can expect.

eSign Software

Moving forward, we will utilize DocuSign: user friendly, simple and secure. 


Your account statements will look different, and we can go over those together if you want so you understand what you’re looking at.

Account Access

You will have access to LPL’s Account View technology, which provides you with secure, 24-hour online access to your investments via computer, tablet, or smartphone. 

Paperless Preferences

If you are currently enrolled in paperless statements, you will need to make this election again after July. Our office can assist with this process. 


1. There is a billing overlap during the month of July – what happens to my July Fee?

  • Clients will be credited back the July portion of their fees based on the accounts leaving Pershing and Ivy as of July 23. Clients would then be billed in August for the August quarter as well as the arrears portion from the July inception at LPL. Accounts that move to LPL’s Manager Select program would be incepted after repapering of account applications signed by clients are received and accepted by the money managers.

2. Will our contact info change?

  • Johlfs Financial Group Phone numbers and office addresses: No.
  • Team member email addresses will update from to but we still receive forwarded emails for 6 months!

3. Can I withhold state taxes from my IRA distributions?

  • You can now withhold State Taxes in addition to Federal Taxes from your IRA Distributions.

4. What if I have a security password on my account – will that carry over?

  • This will not carry over. If you would like a password protected account, please let one of our team members know.

5. Will my monthly distributions change?

  • Banking information and periodic payments to / from your bank account to your investment account will carry over.
  • If you have checks that are mailed from your investment account to a 3rd party – those instructions must get re-established. Our team is gathering that information now and will manually enter these into the system post-conversion. These are a top priority and will reach out to you directly to ensure an expedited solution.

6. Where does Ivy Funds fit in the picture? What are Delaware Ivy Funds?

  • Given the strength and growing presence of the Delaware Funds by Macquarie mutual fund family (Delaware Funds) in the US retail channel, they will co-brand the legacy Ivy Funds with the Delaware name shortly after close. This will become effective on or around July 1, 2021. This will apply to all US retail mutual funds, Separately Managed Accounts, closed-end funds, and the Ivy VIP Portfolios.

7. What if I have Check writing Capabilities on my account?

  • New Checkbooks will need to be issued. A team member will reach out to you directly to capture your signature and re-order your book of checks and/or debit card.

8. What about my Insurance Policies and Annuity Contracts?

  • No changes will occur on your policies.





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