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The Expedition Portfolio provides an investment vehicle for Coloradans to support the businesses, people, and community in which they live. The goal is to create a unique and meaningful way for clients to support their home state. 


Holdings listed in the Expedition Portfolio do not reflect a specific sector or demographic. The Portfolio seeks to provide both long-term capital appreciation and current income.


The Expedition Portfolio invests in public equities domiciled exclusively in Colorado across both the small and mid-cap spectrum (“SMID cap”). In addition, Colorado Bond Funds will be utilized for the fixed income portion. 


Top sectors in the EXP Portfolio include Consumer Cyclical, Healthcare, Technology and Industrials. 

EXPEDITION: /ˌekspəˈdiSH(ə)n/ : noun

a journey or voyage undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration. 


Equities can be paired with Colorado-based fixed-income investments to meet the investor's individualized risk tolerance. Colorado municipal bond funds will be utilized for non-retirement accounts. For retirement accounts, funds domiciled in Colorado will be utilized.  

  • Launch Date: August 1, 2023.
  • Stocks must be domiciled in the state of Colorado, trade above $3/share, and trade on major indices such as NYSE or Nasdaq. 
  • Positions must have sufficient trading liquidity.
  • Positions are then screened by fundamental and valuation metrics and weighted accordingly.
  • Typical investors are Colorado residents that want to support the people and companies of their community. 


Born from Passion

Born from Passion

Built with Pride 

Built with Pride 

Held at a Higher Standard

Held at a Higher Standard


Research specialist, portfolio enthusiast, and Chartered Financial Analyst, Rich Romlin, combined with Certified Financial Planner, Craig Johlfs' ingenuity creates a powerhouse of knowledge and experience. Fueled by 26 years of combined industry experience (and plenty of coffee) the strategy team focuses on delivering a high quality investment offering. 

Craig Johlfs, CFP®

Craig Johlfs, CFP<sup><strong>&#174;</strong></sup>

Craig Johlfs, CFP® is the President of Johlfs Financial Group and is proud to bring such a unique portfolio to the Colorado Market.

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Richard Romlin, CFA

Richard Romlin, CFA

Richard Romlin, CFA, is the Director of Investment and Portfolio Research at Johlfs Financial Group. He brings a passion for portfolio development and deep understanding of the markets to the Expedition Portfolio. 

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Why the name 'Expedition'?

Partly in honor of the first expeditioners migrating west seeking gold during the gold rush. These folks charted unknown territory seeking opportunities and wealth, despite all of the unknowns. As far as we know, our team is the only financial group offering such a unique opportunity to the residents of Colorado.

Are there tax advantages for Colorado Residents?

There can be tax benefits mostly for clients who use our portfolio in non-qualified accounts. 

Is this portfolio for all investors?

Absolutely. The portfolio can target any investment objective and risk tolerance based on a client’s individual circumstances. For the equity portion, individual stocks will be hand selected based on company fundamentals and valuations. For fixed income, mutual funds domiciled in Colorado will be utilized for qualified accounts, whereas Colorado municipal bond funds will be utilized for non-qualified accounts. We welcome all investors seeking to invest in their home state. 

Can I invest in my retirement account?

Yes, this portfolio can be invested in both Qualified and Non-Qualified Accounts. 

What is the minimum investment?


How often are the stocks / portfolio re-evaluated?

The Expedition Portfolio investment holdings are evaluated by our investment team each quarter. Positions are screened by fundamental and valuation metrics and rebalancing may occur. 


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