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Johlfs Financial Group is a team of fiduciary focused advisors working to better position your financial life. We are accountable to you and work collaboratively in a down-to-earth and authentic environment. Our business is proudly built on a foundation of thoughtful client relationships.


Client Centric: Clients are our priority.  Always.

Authentic Approach: We are authentic and real with you.

Genuine Relationships: We value our relationship and treat you how we’d like to be treated.

Custom Recommendations: We are strategy-driven, not product-driven.  We implement quality investments regardless of brand name. 

Fiduciary Standard: We do what is in your best interest…because it’s the right thing, not because regulations tell us to.

Accountability: We are accountable to you, our clients. 

Stewardship: We take our responsibility as stewards of your wealth seriously. 


Proudly based in Colorado, Johlfs Financial Group continues to grow year over year. Through this strategic expansion, we are able to hire team members specifically tasked to provide portfolio management, dedicated financial planning, relationship management, marketing events, and exceptional customer service.

As we continue to grow and expand, you may have noticed that we have transitioned to a team-based client service model. Our team consists of both licensed advisors and advisor associates with different specializations. Please know that our team structure is designed to ensure you’re receiving specialized guidance where needed. With this structure, you may speak with multiple associates. This is intentional and designed to add value to your situation. We appreciate you, our relationship, and our growth together. An example of our team structure is as follows:


Our ‘demographic’ is really a ‘psychographic,’ sharing a similar belief system about wealth.  Clients with this mindset share similar characteristics; Live at or below their means, systematically save & invest, eliminate debt, reduce taxes, and follow their plan to pursue their goals.


Pre-Retirees seeking guidance in planning for life’s major events including planning for financial freedom.


Investors who are transitioning to financial freedom and looking to preserve capital, manage cash flow, and be tax efficient.


Stewardship is important to us just as it is to you and your family. We take time to focus not only on the needs of the individuals but how wealth may be transferred to the next generation.

Business Owners

Entrepreneurs sometimes have complex needs that necessitate an in-depth strategic financial plan around both the business and personal wealth.


                                                                         Our Firm Philosophy

                                                              "We take business seriously, not ourselves".